29th Administration

Our duty is clear: It is to operate at the highest level of integrity and fidelity and to support a fraternity that champions achievement and enhances causes for the public good. As with any new administration, I urge you to join forces with us as we commence an exciting journey in the history of our great province. As we prepare for the ensuing fraternal year, let each of us be mindful of the work that must be done. Each of us must accept the challenge of trying valiantly and of daring greatly so that the charge given to us by our revered founders will be executed to their everlasting glory and to the glory of all who love our Noble Clan and who believe in the intrinsic worth of Phi Nu Pi.

Together, we have an opportunity to transform the flagship province’s challenges into opportunities, its detractors into allies, and its problems into solutions. Now is the time for us to demonstrate that we are a united brotherhood. I implore you to think critically about the changes in your own life that you need to consider before you seek a satisfying position of leadership, a choice committee assignment, or an advisory role. I make this solemn commitment: The Exum administration will be deeply committed to listening to your concerns, working cooperatively to formulate strategies to resolve our identified problems and issues of concern to the membership, and to hearing your solutions for resolving our perceived problematic areas.

I am reminded of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.’s timely observation regarding the vital role that people of your character play in helping an organization achieve its broad goals and objectives: “The noblest service comes from nameless hands, and the best servant does his work unseen.”The roots of happiness grow deepest in the soil of service, which should be our ongoing aim. By combining our talents, we can indeed ensure that we maintain our status as a premier unit of the greatest fraternity ever to grace this planet. I have a well-defined strategy for the province’s forward momentum, and you have a significant role to play in that all-important undertaking.

Charles Exum, Jr.

Charles E. Exum, Jr.

29th Province Eastern Province Polemarch
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I am honored and excited to serve the Eastern Province as your highest elected officer. This honor is not one that I take lightly. Brotherhood, altruism, and leadership are the core values that have been deeply ingrained in me from the southern upbringing that I carry with me in my walk-in Kappa Alpha Psi. These three core values have been vital to establishing a successful and hardworking relationship with the 29th Eastern Province Polemarch and his administration.

Brotherhood has always been more than just a word in my vocabulary. True brotherhood demands a sincere dedication to each other which becomes part of our daily walk in life. Each day I find a way to exhibit brotherhood to uplift those brothers with whom I come in contact.

Altruism is a behavior I naturally exhibit in my relationships with others. As servant leaders, we must always think of what benefits others before we benefit ourselves, even if it comes at our own expense.
Serving under the leadership of Province Polemarch Exum is an awesome experience. He and I share similar views on leadership and seek to translate these views into reality. It is empowering to work with Brother Exum where we take action to implement the vision of the Grand Polemarch and the path he has set forth in the 34th administration.

The Eastern Province has always set the standards by which others are measured. Brother Exum and I are dedicated to ensuring that we leave the Eastern Province better than we received it. I am very aware that while the Eastern Province has a rich and outstanding history that I am committed to and continue to work hard. I take my oath of office very seriously and will not rest on my laurels or past achievements. Leadership is an action that is best served when you as the leader motivate others to achieve. My commitment to lead is dedicated to our Founders, the Eastern Province stalwarts that have come before me, and most importantly to those Elder Watson Diggs-minded brothers that give their all to Kappa, day in and day out.

Finally, most of you know that I have lived by the quote by the late Laurel Wreath Laureate, Brother Samuel Dewitt Proctor. “They live well who live for something that will outlast themselves.”

Richard Mattox

Richard Mattox

Senior Province Vice Polemarch
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My name is Myles Bostic, and I am a junior Computer Science Major at Howard University from Maplewood, NJ by way of Roswell, GA and I humbly serve as your Eastern Province Junior Province Vice Polemarch.

Although the last few years have been tumultuous, I have challenged myself to thrive both inside and outside the classroom while at Howard. I currently have a 3.6 GPA (out of 4.0) and have made the Dean’s List for the College of Engineering and Architecture four times. Outside of the classroom, I’ve completed internships at two of the biggest tech companies in the world. I’ve interned in Google’s Los Angeles office as a Students Training in Engineering Practicum Intern, Apple’s Austin office as a Software Engineering Intern and next summer I will be heading to New York City to work at Goldman Sachs as a Sales & Trading Intern. Currently, I serve as the Howard University Student Association Senator for the College of Engineering and Architecture. I represent over 1000+ constituents, serve on the Finance Committee, and have helped write and pass two pieces of legislation focused on inclusion. During the #BlackburnTakeover, I helped supply students through donations and actively protested. In my free time, I like to read, cook and hang out with friends.

I am excited to step into this role and connect my undergraduate brothers in this great province, and I will also advocate for their needs and concerns outside of it!

Myles Bostic

Myles Bostic

Junior Province Vice Polemarch
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Brother Ewell is a Fall, 1983 initiate of the Meharry Medical College Chapter, the Kappa (SC) of Kappa Alpha Psi. After relocating to Virginia in 1985, he joined the Chesapeake-Virginia Beach (VA) Alumni Chapter. He was initially elected to the position of Keeper of Records for the 1986-87 fraternal year and has served all but three terms since to the present day. He also served one year terms as Assistant Keeper of Records (1987-88) and Vice Polemarch (1997-98), respectively. Brother Ewell serves as Chairman of the Silhouettes Committee; and is married to Silhouette Johnetta “Johne” Ewell who been the Chapter President since their chartering in 1993.

Brother Ewell has been recognized by the chapter as “Brother of the Year” in 1991 and 2010. He is one of four brothers who received the Robert Ferebee Lifetime Achievement Award which was initiated in 2019 and named for one of chapter’s charter members.

Brother Ewell served on the Eastern Province Social Action Committee in the 2000’s during the tenure of Brother Clarence F. Nelson, Jr. as chairman. In 2011, he was appointed Eastern Province Assistant Keeper of Records by Brother Howard L. Tutman, III and was reappointed by three Province Polemarch’s that succeeded him. In 2013, he began as the Secretary to the Senior Kappas/50 Year Brothers Committee chaired by Brother Vandy L. Miller. He held both positions concomitantly until 2018 when he was elected Eastern Province Keeper of Records.

Brother Ewell is a Life Member of the fraternity and is an Eastern Province Life Member. He has supported fraternity initiatives including the Kappa Foundation Million Dollar Club, the Centennial Campaign Founders Club. and has been a St. Jude Children’s Hospital Contributor.

Cleve Ewell, III

Cleve Ewell, III

Province Keeper of Records
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Xavier R. Richardson is the Eastern Province Keeper of Exchequer. He is a Spring 2010 initiate of the Fredericksburg (VA) Alumni Chapter (FAC). Brother Richardson is a former FAC Polemarch, Vice Polemarch, and Board member. Richardson is also a former Eastern Province Region 3 Board member and Assistant Keeper of Exchequer.

A native of Fredericksburg, he is a graduate of Princeton University (AB, magna cum laude) and Harvard Business School. Xavier is also the recipient of an honorary doctorate from St. Paul’s College. After working on Wall Street, he moved back home in 1988 and currently serves as the Sr. Vice President & Chief Development of Mary Washington Healthcare and President of Mary Washington Hospital Foundation and Stafford Hospital Foundation.

Brother Richardson has been actively involved in numerous local, state, and national organizations. He currently holds three gubernatorial appointments, including membership on the Virginia State University Board of Visitors, the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), and the Virginia Commission to Study and Subsequent De Jure and De Facto Racial and Economic Discrimination.

Xavier Richardson

Xavier Richardson

Province Keeper of the Exchequer
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I am excited to be selected for the position Eastern Province Strategus, because I have a background on becoming an RA which is similar to what the position of the strategus is, and also I am a spring 22 initiates and I feel that this can open my eyes to a lot of other positions I would like to run for later on in the future.


Andre Newell

Province Strategus
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Life Member Donald Malcolm Smith is a 1994 graduate of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, a 2001 Graduate of the Master of City and Regional Planning Program at Morgan State University, where he was a member of the faculty and a former student of the Doctor of Public Administration program at the University of Baltimore. He has been admitted to the Pi Alpha Alpha Public Administration Honor Society.

His service in Kappa Alpha Psi began when he was initiated into the Baltimore (MD) Alumni Chapter (E) where he dutifully served as Social and Political Action Chair, Chapter Reporter, Assistant Keeper of Records, Keeper of Records, Vice Polemarch, President of the Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation of Metropolitan Baltimore, Historian, and the Benchmark’s 51st Polemarch. His vision for the office of Eastern Province Historian is to ensure the achievements and accomplishments of the Eastern Province are recognized, revered, and applied to solve current problems.



Province Keeper Historian
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Dr. DeAndre Howard, initiated in the spring of 2010, into the Chesapeake/Virginia Beach (VA) Alumni Chapter, has consistently served the fraternity on all three levels since his initiation.

As the province reporter, Dr. Howard, operates with the highest degree of integrity in all that he does. His dedication to the fraternity, coupled with his excellent organizational and communication skills, have made his contributions to the province very notable as he continues to utilize his expertise to improve our sacred news organ, the Khronicle, throughout the Province.

Dr. Howard's goal is to help further parade to others why the Eastern Province continues to be the “Flagship Province” of Kappa Alpha Psi.

DeAndre Howard

DeAndre Howard, Ph.D.

Province Reporter
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Board of Directors

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Justin A. Evans
The Coppin State College
Chapter, The Zeta Gamma

Willie E. Wright
Frederick (MD) Alumni Chapter

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Chandler Searcy
The Howard University
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Phillip Deboe
Ft. Washington (MD) Alumni ChapterChandler Searcy

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Jeffrey Pointer
The Virginia State University
Chapter, The Alpha Phi

Danny T. Giles
Petersburg (VA) Alumni Chapter

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Cleve Packer
TheUniversity of Virginia
Chapter, The Eta Sigma

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Roanoke (VA) Alumni Chapter

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Myles Copeland
Norfolk State University
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William H. Milligan, III
Norfolk (VA) Alumni Chapter

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Eastern Province Past Polemarchs

Province History

james Jackson

John M. Marquess was appointed as the first Eastern Province Polemarch. Brother Marquess was a native of Arkansas and a graduate of Fisk University (1902) and Dartmouth College (1904). During his time at Dartmouth, he sang on the college Choir and Glee Club and was a member of the Varsity Track Team. By profession Marquess was an educator, teaching and leading a number of schools prior to serving as President of the Colored Agricultural and Normal University (which would become Langston University). Brother Marquess was the first in a long line of achievers that would serve as Eastern Province Polemarch. .

At the time the Eastern Province has established records indicating that it was comprised of four chapters- Epsilon, Xi, Baltimore (MD) Alumni, which served Baltimore City and County, and Washington (DC) Alumni. In contrast to the static boundaries, we’ve come to know, the boundaries of the province were amorphous and incorporated at one time Chapters from New York to North Carolina. Considering the current boundaries of the Eastern Province, the first Chapter was the Howard University Chapter, the Xi (E) of Kappa Alpha Psi which was chartered on December 27, 1920. The second overall and first Alumni Chapter was the Baltimore (MD) Alumni Chapter (E) chartered on July 15, 1921. The second Alumni Chapter and third Chapter overall were the Washington (DC) Alumni Chapter (E) which was chartered on October 27, 1924. But no matter the area the Eastern Province has been home to achievers and leaders. The East has given Kappa four Grand Polemarchs (James E. Scott, W. Henry “Stud” Greene, W. Thomas Carter, and Howard L. Tutman Jr.) and numerous Laurel Wreath Laureates, Elder Watson Diggs Awardees, and Guy Levis Grant Awardees. The Eastern Province is the epitome of achievement..

In four years, the Eastern Province will celebrate its centennial and with it the recognition of its history of leadership as it has chartered a strong course for our Noble Clan. .