Collegiate and Alumni chapters within our province.

Eastern Province

One of the powers set forth in the articles of incorporation of the Grand Chapter of Kappa Alpha Nu, amended to the Grand Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, is the power to issue charters to establish chapters. The Grand Board of Directors exercises this power on behalf of the Fraternity.

In most instances, there are three components to establishing a chapter -

  • Organizer: A member of Kappa Alpha Psi who identifies a need for a chapter in a location and identifies the men who meet the requirements for membership as set forth in the governing laws of the Fraternity, and the related rules and regulations
  • Charter initiate: A man who is an initiate of the chapter being established
  • Charter member: A man who is an initiate of chapter other than the chapter being established

Until 1919, all chapters were identified with a Greek letter designation. In 1919, the Fraternity began establishing chapters that were not located on college campuses and identified them as alumni chapters. Over time, chapters located on college campuses were called undergraduate chapters and members affiliated with these chapters as undergraduate members. However, there are Greek letter chapters located at institutions offering degrees beyond the baccalaureate level, and chapters established to accommodate students at institutions pursuing degrees beyond the baccalaureate level.