Eastern Province Guide Right Program

  2,685 Young scholars across the Eastern Province 
 training for leadership!

Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson

Eastern Province Guide Right Chairman

Every child needs someone in their corner to fight for them. As Guide Right Directors, we accept that fight every day!


Guide Right is a program for the educational and occupational guidance of youth, primarily inspirational and informational in character. Its reach extends to high schools and colleges alike, giving due attention to the needs of collegiate Brothers.


​Our mission is to transform lives and strengthen our communities by inspiring youth, especially males, to pursue achievement through education, while making positive contributions to society.

Why us

Guide Right encompasses many of our youth-oriented programs such as mentoring, college preparatory programs, and tutoring. However, the flagship initiative of the Guide Right service program is Kappa League, officially known as the Kappa Leadership Development League.

7 Phases of Kappa League

The nucleus and primary focus of the Kappa League revolves around the "Seven Phases" which are:

Kappa League

Phase One

Self Identity / Purpose
Discipline, Assurance, Awareness, and Appearance

Kappa League

Phase Two

Academic, Career-Choice, Preparation, and Organization

Kappa League

Phase Three

Politics, Career Advancement, and Sports

Kappa League

Phase Four

Religion, The Arts, Entertainment, Conversation Communication, and Etiquette/Manners

Kappa League

Phase Five

Health Education
Physical Fitness - Sex Education - Drugs - Health and Safety

Kappa League

Phase Six

Economic Empowerment & Education
Stock Market - Fundamentals of Banking - Earning, Saving, Spending - Cash vs. Credit

Kappa League

Phase Seven

College & Career
Academic Readiness - High School & Beyond - Career Day - College Admissions Financial Aid Workshops - Survival Skills

What is Mentorship & Why It Matters

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