Death Notification

Please complete the form below and submit it to notify the International Headquarters of Kappa Alpha Psi® and the Eastern Province of a deceased member.

How to submit a Chapter Invisible Article to the Journal

A Chapter Invisible article on a recently deceased brother in the Kappa Alpha Psi Journal is a significant honor for his family, his chapter(s), and the brothers that knew the deceased brother.

  • Write an article that honors the brother and educates the reader about him, his family, his relationship with the Fraternity, and his professional, educational, civic, and fraternal achievements.
  • Please proofread the article prior to submittal to the Journal staff.
  • The Journal staff cannot guarantee publication of the article but will make effort to accommodate the request.

The Journal staff reserves the right to make edits to submitted articles.

You may submit the article and attached photo(s) using the form below or email it directly to the Journal.

When submitting a Chapter Invisible article to the Kappa Alpha Psi® Journal, please:

  • Keep the article length to maximum of 800 words;
  • Attach headshot photo(s) of brother with a minimum of 300dpi resolution when submitting article;
  • Do not submit an obituary as the article to the Journal;
    • The obituary should be the basis of the article;
    • Outside sources such as newspaper or magazine articles can be used;
    • NOTE: Be careful not to plagiarize when using an outside source;
  • Submit article in a Microsoft® Word document;
  • Write in paragraph format and check for grammar and spelling errors;
  • Ensure the correct spelling of brother’s formal name;
    • Include suffix such as Sr., Jr., III, IV…
    • Include middle initial if known
  • Ensure correct chapter of initiation and year of initiation;
  • For Journal purposes, do not use chapter’s nickname or moniker i.e. “Bloody, Greater, Gangster…”
  • For article heading include the brother’s occupation such as:
    • Minister, Mayor, Attorney, Physician, Educator, Businessman, Entrepreneur, Professor…
  • Include designation in name such as:
    • Dr., military designation (Gen., Sen. Adm. Lt. Col…), Rev, Esq., “The Honorable” for judges, mayors and U.S. Congressmen
  • Denote whether the deceased brother was a Grand Officer, national fraternity awardee, Province Officer, Executive Director…


  • Open with date of death and age at time of death
  • Personal Background
    • Date and city of birth
    • Parents
  • Education
    • Schools attended if known;
      • Attendance at elementary school(s) and/or middle school if known
      • Year of high school graduation and name of high school if known
      • List achievements in high school
      • List any activities in high school (sports, band, student government, choir, ROTC, school newspaper…)
    • Where did he attend college(s)
      • What degree did he obtain and what year?
      • List any collegiate extracurricular activities (sports, band, student government, choir, school newspaper…)
    • List all advance degrees (M.B.A. J.D. M.D., D.D.S., Ph.D, M.S…), what school and year graduated if known
    • Military Service if applicable
      • What branch (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force…)
      • List rank
      • Year of honorable discharge if known
      • List wars served (World War II, Vietnam, Korean War…) if applicable;
      • Year retired from military if applicable;
      • List all major commendations and awards;
    • Profession(s)
      • Where did brother work primarily throughout his adulthood?
      • List primary companies, institutions, organizations;
      • Denote any major professional achievements and positions;
      • Any fact and development in brother’s professional career that is unique, influential, historic…;
      • List all elected public office positions;
    • Civic / Community Involvement
      • List memberships other organizations (Sigma Pi Phi, NAACP, Urban League, Kiwanis, 100 Black Men, Shriners…)
      • High School or College Alumni Associations, professional organizations, other fraternal organization;
      • Municipal organizations, volunteer organizations, political parties if applicable;
      • Religious organizations such as church membership;
      • Masonic organizations;
      • List offices held i.e. president, chairman, board member if applicable…
    • Kappa Alpha Psi Membership
      • List year and chapter of initiation;
      • Denote any officer positions held at Local, Province, and/or Grand Chapter Levels;
      • List his current membership in Alumni Chapter if applicable or known;
      • Denote if brother was a charter member or charter line member of a chapter;
      • List any fraternal awards bestowed;
    • Achievements / Recognition
      • List professional awards if known;
      • List civic or organizational awards if known;
      • List academic awards (Rhodes Scholar, Fulbright Scholar, magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa,….)
      • List membership in any major Halls of Fame or Museums if known;
      • List whether brother’s estate donated funds to an institution, university, foundation or scholarship
      • List buildings, awards, schools, streets, centers, foundations and scholarships named in the brother’s honor;
      • Denote whether brother’s alma mater, city, or state performed a special recognition at his passing (lowering flags at half mass, moment of silence, press release from city or alma mater...)
    • Family Survivors
      • List parents, spouse, children, grandchildren, and/or siblings that preceded brother in death;
      • List parents, spouse, children, grandchildren, and/or siblings that brother leaves behind;

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