Hampton-Newport News

On August 4, 1945, 17 Peninsula Kappas proudly accepted their charter from Province Polemarch W. Henry Green, and Laurel Wreath holder Judge Armond W. Scott. The Hampton Alumni Chapter would become only the second chapter to be chartered in Tidewater.

For much of its history, the chapter held its meetings in Newport News, VA, and the chapter’s membership was consistently comprised of Kappa men from both Hampton and Newport News. In light of this, in the late 1970s, the chapter petitioned the Grand Board to alter its designation to “Hampton-Newport News.” The new designation would be more in line with the chapter’s demographic makeup and would ensure a unified Kappa presence on the Peninsula. The petition was approved in September 1979.

  • Chapter The Hampton-Newport News (VA) Alumni Chapter (E) of Kappa Alpha Psi
  • Year August 4, 1945 [as the Hampton (VA) Alumni Chapter]
  • Location Hampton, Virginia
  • Region5
  • Charter Members♦ Herodotus Alston [Alpha Kappa: 1938]: Polemarch ♦ Wendell A Roberts: Vice Polemarch ♦ Stuart L Whiting [Omicron: 1923]: Keeper of Records ♦ William R. Walker Jr [Xi: 1930]: Keeper of Exchequer ♦ Charles C. Wilson [Beta: 1940]: Strategus ♦ Earl M Foster [Delta]: Historian ♦ Hiram Akers [Alpha Phi: 1935] ♦ Quinten J Adderley [Tampa (FL) Alumni Chapter: 1928] ♦ Robert S. Boyd [Omicron: 1921] ♦ Arthur Hamlet [Alpha Gamma: 1931] ♦ Churchill Robinson [Alpha NU: 1935] ♦ William D Scales [Alpha Epsilon: 1930] ♦ Anderson T. Scott [Epsilon; m1931; Washington (DC) Alumni Charter Member ♦ Frederick P. Scott [Delta: 1932} ♦ Paul L. . Smith [Xi: 1924] ♦ Edward D. Thomas [Alpha Kappa: 1938]