Armond W. Scott

Armond W. Scott

The Seventh Laurel Wreath Wearer [1936]

Armond W. Scott [Washington (DC) Alumni Chapter] a native of Wilmington {NC], matriculated at Biddle University [forerunner of Johnson C. Smith University], earning a BA degree, and Shaw University, from which he earned LLB and MA degrees. Scott began practicing law at age 21.

Active in the Colored Elks, he was the Grand Exalted Ruler in 1917-1918, succeeding Thomas Gillis Nutter - the third Laurel Wreath Wearer. During his tenure as Grand Exalted Ruler, he was responsible for improving the relationship with its white counterpa1·t. Scott was an exceUent orator and a frequent speaker at banquets and commencements.

In 1936, President Roosevelt nominated him to the Municipal Court of the District of Columbia. The Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously endorsed his nomination and the full Senate confirmed him by acclimation. He was the first nominee the Senate confirmed by acclimation in over 40 years.

Judge Scott, the third Negro appointed to the Municipal Court, served on the bench during the administrations of Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Dwight Eisenhower. According to lawyers who b·ied cases before him, Judge Scott used his power wisely and justly. A tribute to his understanding of the law was the absence of any reversals of his rulings by the Appellate Court.

His accomplishments as a jurist earned him the seventh Laurel Wreath. Laurel Wreath Wearer Scott died in March 1961.