Ernest Harold Davenport

Ernest Harold Davenport

The Thirty-Sixth Laurel Wreath Wearer [1985]

Ernest Harold Davenport [Washington (DC) Alumni Chapter] was the fifth Grand Keeper of Records and the 19th Grand Polemarch.

Born in Lima [OH] on April 12, 1917, he was a 1940 cum laude graduate of Morris Brown College. After graduation he served in the US Army Air Corp as a commissioned officer. Following his tour [1941-1946], he remained a member of the US Air Force Reserves and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Davenport migrated to Detroit to pursue a career in public accounting. In 1956, he joined with two other CPAs to form Austin, Washington & Davenport, CPAs. He was an active member of the Detroit community and served on the board of directors of several mganizations. He received several awards for his service to the community.

Following a career in Detroit that spanned nearly 20 years, Grand Polemarch Davenport relocated to Washington (DC). He worked a few years at Howard University and in the federal government before retiring in 1982.

Davenport was a charter member of the Beta Delta [1937]. The delegates at the 28th Grand Chapter meeting [1938] elected him Grand Strategus. Within the Detroit (MI) Alumni Chapter, he held numerous offices, including Polemarch. He was a member of the first Undergraduate Leadership Conference board of directors and a member of the instruction staff. The delegates at the 50th Grand Chapter meeting [1961] and 51st Grand Chapter meeting [1962] elected him to the Grand Board; the delegates at the 52nd Grand Chapter meeting [1964] and 53rd Grand Chapter meeting [1965] elected him Grand Keeper of Records and Exchequer.

Following his tenure as Grand Polemarch, Davenport was a member of the Kappa Housing and Economic Development Corporation board of directors, a nonprofit corporation formed to explore the feasibility of involving the Fraternity in economic development projects in Washington (DC).

Davenport was an incorporator of the Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation. When Henry Parker retired as President, Davenport succeeded him as President. Upon his retirement from the Foundation board of directors, the Foundation designated him President Emeritus.

His extra meritorious contributions to the Fraternity earned him the 36th Laurel Wreath.

Laurel Wreath Wearer Davenport died in 2002.