William Thomas Carter

William Thomas Carter

The Twenty-Sixth Laurel Wreath Wearer [1977]

William Thomas Carter [Petersburg (VA) Alumni Chapter] was the 20th Grand Polemarch. Carter, an educator, was a part of the Virginia State University faculty for 28 years. He interrupted his service to the institution twice: once to serve in the US Army and later to accept an invitation of Dr.

Samuel DeWitt Proctor, [a 1938 Alpha Phi initiate], an Associate Director of the Peace Corp, to become a part of the newly established agency. Carter was a Desk Officer for French West Africa, a Deputy Director in Senegal, and a Director in Morocco.

In 1966, he returned to Virginia State as Director of the Division of Basic Education. In 1968, he retired from Virginia State and accepted a position with the US Department of Education - Director of the Division of Program Resources, Bureau of Educational Development, from which he retired in 1981.

Grand Polemarch Carter was involved with the growth and development of the Fraternity for over 50 years at the local, Province and national levels. To acknowledge his contributions to the Eastern Province, one of the major awards of the Province honors his memory. During his tenure as Grand Polemarch, Carter recognized there were potential legal issues £acing the FratemitlJ, and appointed the first General Counsel of Kappa Alpha Psi - Winfred R. Mundle.

His extra meritorious service to the Fraternity earned him the 26th Laurel Wreath.