Open Prayer for the Eastern Province

As our 29th Polemarch formulates “Team 29,” I would like to offer a moment of spiritual reflection and prayer for our illustrious Province.

As the 4th in succession Province Chaplain; following Brother Jonathan Newton (3rd), Brother Craig S. Beasley (2nd), and Brother Bennie Singleton (1st), I am grateful for the opportunity to follow these Brothers and serve our great Province. These men have served with distinction and their service lifted the Province spiritually, and they did it with fervor and integrity; I am committed to doing the same.

Let us pray. Eternal God, I thank you for touching the heart of the 29th Province Polemarch and his Leadership Team. As we move forward, I pray our leader’s missive remain in our view, which articulates we are “better together.” Allow his vision and charge to resonate in our hearts so we continue our service and remain examples for our families and communities. Lead and guide each Chaplain throughout the Province and help them to pray for each Brother and their family so that all are served. Bless the leadership in each Chapter and anoint their work in their communities.

Help us as we renew our pledge and dedicate ourselves to the fundamentals of our noble clan; Brotherhood!!! Help us uphold the traditions and fervency we have relished for almost 95 years. Lord, I ask each Brother, Silhouette, and anyone who has affiliation with the Eastern Province to persist in prayer for us, as we remember the words of the writer of the book of Hebrews, “Keep on loving each other as brothers and sisters.” (Hebrews 13:1).

Lord, with sincere hearts and thankfulness we humble ourselves and ask for your direction, guidance, and wisdom for our Province. Lord, “Team 29” is positioned to honor the 28 administrations who led us and we are thankful; we now ask that as we have the helm you bestow upon us the understanding needed to ensure we forge ahead in the commitment of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Lord, knowing you are with us, our call, that is commensurate of who we are; men of the Flagship Province, please help us in our work as we focus on providing services to the human family; especially our young men, who need our testimony and faith, our humility and courage, and most importantly, our trust in you and one another.

Grant us the resolve in these days, to be the beacon of light that continues to illuminate the truths and sanctity that follows those who spend time pursuing vision and knowledge.

Breathe life into our leadership and endow us who are standing in place of stewardship to remember, “He that is greatest among you let him be servant of all.”

Lord, in our longing for unity of the brotherhood, remind us of the words in Ecclesiastes 4:12b, “Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken,” to aid our pursuit to stay united and strong. Allow the power of the Holy Spirit to envelop us as we labor together honoring our revered Founders who modeled tenacity for us over 108 years ago and left with us our motto, “Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavor.”

God, as we the Brothers of this great noble clan close this prayer, keep our eyes looking towards the hills for which our help and strength comes. Help us endure whatever will befall us, knowing you shall keep us in perfect peace. This is our prayer, in your most holy name