Journal Guidelines

Chapter Invisible articles and articles that you feel are national in scope should be sent immediately and directly to the Journal Editor Brother Cleveland Ferguson, at

Journal submissions for the Eastern Province are due:

  • August 1st
  • October 1st
  • December 1st
  • February 1st

Please send your submissions to the Province Reporter, Barri E. Hutchins

Journal Submission Form

Please use this Journal submission form to ensure that articles have all of the required information.

Submission Guidelines

Please follow the guidelines listed below to ensure a smooth submission process:

  • Use the Journal submission form . Only email ONE Journal Submission file that includes ALL of your articles. Send photos for your articles separately via email.
  • Do not send more than 5 articles for your chapter. If you send too many articles, it is very likely that some articles will not get submitted for the next edition of the Journal. There is simply not enough space in the Journal to publish every article that is submitted by chapters in the Eastern Province. Please send the top 3-5 articles (no more than 5) that your chapter would like submitted for a particular Journal edition. If you do not indicate a preference for which articles to publish, then the province reporter will make that decision.
  • Articles should not be longer than 160-200 words. The province reporter may edit articles to meet this guideline.
  • Send HIGH QUALITY photos, or they may not be submitted with your articles. General rule of thumb, if your photo is not at least the size of your computer monitor when you view the actual size, it may be too small to be printed clearly.

Barri E. Hutchins,
Eastern Province Reporter
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