Healthy Kappa Initiative

Health and Wellness Cluster

Health Coordinator:    Michael Malone, Bowie-Mitchellville (MD) Alumni Chapter


The Health and Wellness Cluster began screening for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity during the 2009 Eastern Province Council Meeting based on a vision of Brother Delvin Champagne, an Epsilon Zeta initiate who wanted to raise awareness about health disparities among African Americans and promote screenings to emphasize the importance of early detection. Over the years our initiative has become a vital part of the Eastern Province during C. Roger Wilson Leadership Conference and Province Council. During the 79th and 80th Grand Chapter Meetings it was our program that provided mobile medical screening service to brothers attending the event. To date we have screened over 1000 brothers, silhouettes and members of the community.

Our Program

  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Diabetes Screening
  • Body Mass Index
  • Free Consultation with a healthcare provider
  • Strength Testing for the Seniors
  • Keeping You Healthy monthly segment