Since 1976, Kappa Alpha Psi members in Prince William County had essentially two options if they wanted to be involved in a chapter in close proximity to their local community. They could affiliate with Alexandria-Fairfax (VA) Alumni Chapter [to the north] or the Fredericksburg (VA) Alumni Chapter [to the south]. Several brothers in the area, particularly past Grand Keeper of Records & Exchequer and 19th Eastern Province Polemarch William Croom, Brother Robert Harding, Sr., and Brother Ronald Thompson, felt there was sufficient brothers in Prince William County to sustain a vibrant alumni chapter of the Fraternity. Twenty-one other brothers agreed with their position and filed a petition for a chapter, which the Grand Board of Directors approved.

On February 1, 1998 Kappa Alpha Psi established the Woodbridge (VA) Alumni Chapter at an impressive chartering ceremony held at the Quantico, VA Marine Corps Base Officers’ Club. The affair attracted hundreds of brothers from all over the Province, as well as several local citizens. The 21st Eastern Province Polemarch Anthony B. Hill presided over the ceremony. The establishment of the Woodbridge (VA) Alumni Chapter made a chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi available to hundreds of communities between Fredericksburg, VA and Baltimore, MD.

  • Chapter Woodbridge (VA) Alumni Chapter (E) of Kappa Alpha Psi
  • Year February 1, 1998
  • Location Woodbridge, Virginia
  • Region3
  • Charter Members:♦ Ronald L. Thompson [Alpha Phi: 1962], Polemarch ♦ Arthur L. Bryant [Gamma Theta: 1958], Vice Polemarch ♦ Robert E. Harding [Alexandria-Fairfax (VA) Alumni: 1989], Keeper of Records ♦ James E. Coates Jr [Xi: 1975], Keeper of Exchequer ♦ Robert Nickens Jr [Fredericksburg (VA) Alumni: 1996], Strategus ♦ Frederick D. Essex [Fredericksburg (VA) Alumni: 1979] Reporter ♦ Lawrence H. Bailey [Xi: 1966], Historian ♦ C. Scott English [Beta Chi: 1994], Director ♦ Louis D. Gregory [Alpha Phi: 1955], Director ♦ Curtis Prince, Director ♦ Ronald Brown ♦ Andrew Chatman [Gamma Epsilon: 1968] ♦ William B. Croom [Beta Chi: 1967] ♦ John Drakeford [Eta Xi: 1985] ♦ Zaddock Futrell ♦ Kenneth D. Hankins [Fredericksburg (VA) Alumni: 1996] ♦ Van F. Ivey [Delta Gamma: 1966] ♦ James A. Johnson [Alpha Pi: 1966] ♦ Dwight Martin [San Antonio (TX) Alumni: 1976] ♦ William C. McLeod [Xi: 1948] ♦ Robert Palmer [Beta Phi: 1960] ♦ Benjamin Tyler [Alpha Lambda: 1973] ♦ Eric L. Williams [Delta Lambda: 1987]