Upper Marlboro/Waldorf

Brother McKinley Hayes, the first Polemarch of the Hyattsville-Landover (MD) Alumni Chapter conceived the idea of a chapter in the Upper Marlboro/Waldorf area. With the assistance of Brother Leon Johnson, the first meeting of the group was held on July 12,1984 at the home of Brother Wondel Brown.

Those present were Brother Wondel Brown, Arthur Grovner, McKinley Hayes, Leon Johnson and Joseph Pasteur. On August 24, 1984, Province Polemarch Nelson presented the charter that established the Upper Marlboro/Waldorf (MD) Alumni Chapter (also known as The “U”).

  • Chapter The Upper Marlboro/Waldorf (MD) Alumni Chapter (E) of Kappa Alpha Psi
  • Year August 24, 1984
  • Location Upper Marlboro, Maryland
  • Region2
  • Charter Members♦ McKinley Hayes [Gamma Xi: 1970], Polemarch ♦ Leon Johnson [Xi: 1967], Vice Polemarch ♦ Arthur Grovner [Gamma Chi: 1972], Keeper of Records ♦ Roy Simpson (Beta Chi: 1969], Keeper of Exchequer ♦ Alphonse W. Hawkins [Gamma Omicron], Strategus ♦ Henry G. Nash [Gamma Chi: 1972], Lt Strategus ♦ Wandel E. Brown [Alpha Iota: 1972], Reporter ♦ Willie Johnson [Alpha Lambda: 1956], Historian ♦ Larry McCullough [Gamma Mu: 1958], Director ♦ Ronald W. Carter [Xi: 1951], (Director) ♦ James Banks [Delta Gamma: 1968] ♦ Lloyd Bowser [Delta Lambda: 1971] ♦ Elliott Clark (Gamma Phi: 1968] ♦ William C. Jones [Alpha Phi: 1951] ♦ David Naves [Epsilon Omicron: 1968] ♦ Joseph Pasteur [Alpha Nu: 1960] ♦ Herman Roebuck [Beta Kappa: 1962] ♦ Juanita Roach [Gamma Mu: 1964] ♦ Charles E. Seals [Epsilon Zeta: 1971] ♦ Richard D. Skeete [Chi: 1949] ♦ James Stowe [Beta Rho: 1968]