Theta Theta

Prior to the 1970’s, there were no Black Greek-letter organizations at the University of Maryland at College Park (Maryland). In the early 70’s, efforts were made to establish several predominately Black Greek fraternities and sororities on Maryland’s campus. The late and lamented Brother Lucien Brown had a vision and began spearheading the establishment of a chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. (Kappa) at Maryland in mid-1974. Many notable pioneers, including Tony Fulton, Joseph Harris, Larry Jamison, Elbridge James, St. Elmo Crawford, Tony Abrams and Osema Moore, assisted him.

On September 21, 1974, Kappa became the fourth predominately Black fraternity to institute a pledge organization at Maryland. This first Scroller Club consisted of 13 parts and was inducted under the charter of Kappa’s XI chapter, Howard University, in Washington, D.C. The initiation rituals were conducted principally by Kappa men from XI, Epsilon Sigma (Bowie State College), and Alpha Iota (Morgan State College) chapters. Lucien Brown, also known as Brownie, served as Dean of Pledges. The Silver Spring Alumni chapter provided advisory guidance to the Fraternity activities and the Eastern Province Council provided oversight.

Since there were no undergraduate Kappas on campus, the Scroller Club frequently traveled to Bowie State, Morgan State, and Howard University for their orientation to the Fraternity, its purpose, objectives, history, traditions, and customs. On the night of December 5, 1974, 12 men were made Kappa and became the chartering members of Kappa Alpha Psi at Maryland. The line was initiated under the charter of XI chapter and was named The Twelve From the Unreal. The charter members were Charles Grant, George Perry, Fred Jones, Lawrence Morton, Eric Stansbury, Vernon Ross, Carl Bly, Alois Richardo Clemons, Edward Anthony, Timmie Rogers Marshall, Ronald Holt, and Ronald Grayson.

The following semester, on the night of March 1, 1975, six young men aspiring to become members of the Fraternity were inducted into Maryland’s second Scroller Club at the Washington, D.C. Fraternity house. They were the first pledge line under Kappa men enrolled at Maryland. They received their indoctrination into Kappa from 12 neophyte Kappa men, as well as from Kappas of neighboring colleges and universities. On April 25, 1975, these six gallant men crossed the burning sands into Kappa Alpha Psi. The line was initiated under the charter of XI chapter and was named The Triflin’ Six. The initiates were Morgan Robbins, Marc Felton, Edward Wheeler, Allen Wright, Calvin Byrd, and Reginald Baker.

Desiring to be autonomous and assisted by a number of transfer brothers, these Kappa men worked diligently and swiftly on their application to obtain a charter at Maryland. They demonstrated outstanding accomplishments in academics, community service, and fraternal activities, shaping the chapter’s legacy. These Kappas quickly became the premier and most highly respected Fraternity at Maryland and within Kappa’s Eastern Province. Noting their stellar Achievements, the Grand Chapter, under the signature of Grand Polemarch Elbert E. Allen, designated Maryland as Theta Theta Chapter on September 21, 1975.

  • Chapter The University of Maryland - College Park Chapter, the Theta Theta of Kappa Alpha Psi
  • Year September 21, 1975
  • Location College Park, Maryland
  • Region2
  • Alumni Organizers♦ Lucien Brown [Alpha Iota: 1971] ♦ St Elmo Crawford [Beta Chi: 1972] ♦ Joseph Harris [Tau: 1949] ♦ Anthony Abrams [Alpha Phi: 1972]
  • Student organizers♦ Edward Anthony [Xi: 1974] ♦ Carl R. Bly [Xi: 1974] ♦ Alois R. Clemons [Xi: 1974] ♦ Charles E. Grant [Xi: 1974] ♦ Ronald A. Grayson [Xi: 1974] ♦ Ronald E. Holt [Xi: 1974]
  • Charter members♦ Reginald Baker [Xi 1975] ♦ Calvin Byrd [Xi 1975] ♦ Marc Felton [Xi 1975] ♦ Tony Fulton [Alpha Iota: 1971] ♦ Elbert James: [Xi: 1969] L ♦ Lawrence Jamison: [Beta Chi: 1960] ♦ Ozema Moore [Beta Kappa: 1971] ♦ Timmie R. Marshall [Xi: 1974] ♦ Lawrence E. Morton III [Xi: 1974] ♦ George Perry [Xi: 1974] ♦ Vernon L. Ross [Xi: 1974] ♦ Eric Stansbury [Xi: 1974] ♦ Morgan Robbins [Xi 1975] ♦ Edward Wheeler [Xi 1975] ♦ Allen Wright [Xi 1975]