The Roanoke (VA) Alumni Chapter was established on June 3, 1950, with J. Douglas Serrell as Polemarch, Charles L . Price as Vice Polemarch, A.E. Telle as Keeper of Records, W.E. Jones as Keeper of the Exchequer, George C. Law as Strategus, Leroy Johnson as Lieutenant Strategus, Nathaniel Anderson as Historian, and Bernard Brown as Reporter.

Kappa Alpha Psi had a viable presence in Roanoke for more than a decade. Then due to loss of several members through transfers to other areas of the state, the chapter became inactive.

As more Kappas came to the Roanoke Valley, there was enough momentum for reactivation of the chapter. In the meantime the Charter could not be located which made it necessary for the brothers to petition the Grand Chapter to provide a duplicate charter which was received in the 1960s.

  • Chapter The Roanoke (VA) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi
  • Year June 3, 1950
  • Location Roanoke, Virginia
  • Region4
  • Charter Members♦ James Douglass Serrell [Alpha Delta:1928]: Polemarch ♦ Charles L Price, [Petersburg (VA) Alumni Chapter]: Vice Polemarch ♦ A E . Telle [Alpha Kappa: 1932]: Keeper of Records ♦ W.E. Jones [Alpha Kappa: 1931]: Keeper of Exchequer ♦ George C. Law [Alpha Epsilon: 1931]: Strategus ♦ Leroy Johnson [Alpha Tau: 1940]: Lieutenant Strategus ♦ Nathaniel Anderson [Alpha Tau: 1940]: Historian ♦ Bernard J Brown [Alpha Tau: 1947]: Reporter