Kappa Chi

Kappa Chi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. was chartered on September 12, 1981, on the American University campus. Since then The chapter has spread to other campuses and now is comprised of American University, Georgetown University, The George Washington University, and Catholic University. Being one of the only Divine 9, undergraduate, greek chapters in the DMV to have a Fraternity House, located on GWs Campus, the Kappa Chi chapter strives to create legacies in Achievement.

  • Chapter American Univ./ Georgetown Univ./ George Washington Univ./ Catholic Univ.
  • Year September 12, 1981
  • Location Washington DC
  • President Region: 2
  • Alumni organizer he Eastern Province Polemarch
  • Charter members:♦ Robert L. Bailey [Delta Zeta: 1977] ♦ Eric Holmes [Beta Kappa: 1980], Polemarch] ♦ Bennett Baker [Beta Kappa: 1980] ♦ Reginald Childs [Beta Kappa: 1980] ♦ Thornton Ellerbe [Beta Kappa: 1980] ♦ David Jones [Beta Kappa: 1980] ♦ Andre Lynch [Beta Kappa: 1980] ♦ A. Donald McEachin [Beta Kappa: 1980] ♦ Derick McGinty [Beta Kappa: 1980] ♦ A. Andre Price [Beta Kappa: 1980] ♦ Daryl Stone [Beta Kappa: 1980] ♦ Steve Tillett [Beta Kappa: 1980]