In early October 1978, a group of twelve (12) KAPPAS expressed an interest in establishing an Alumni Chapter in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The Provincial Polemarch was contacted and granted authorization to undertake preliminary steps to establish a chapter. As an initial requirement, the Grand Chapter mandated that the names of five (5) Brothers in good standing be submitted to Philadelphia. This was necessary for the Grand Chapter to conduct its investigation of this request.

On October 12, 1978, the Largo-Landover Alumni Association was established. Efforts were then concentrated on pursuing a Charter.

On February 4, 1979, the Grand Board of Directors officially approved our Chapter. The formal Chartering Ceremony took place on the eighteenth day of March, in the year of our Lord One thousand nine hundred seventy-nine. We were honored to have the ritual conducted by Dr. James Abrams, the Eastern Province Polemarch with assistance from Past Grand Polemarchs Greene and Laurel Wreath holder Massie.

  • Chapter The Hyattsville/Landover (MD) Alumni Chapter (E) of Kappa Alpha Psi
  • Year March 18, 1979
  • Location Landover, Maryland
  • Charter members♦ McKinley Hayes [Gamma Xi: 1970], Polemarch ♦ Albert Squire [Gamma Rho: 1964], Vice Polemarch ♦ Charlie R. Richardson [Gamma Xi: 1970], Keeper of Records Nathaniel Hopkins [Beta ♦ Sigma: 1966], Keeper of Exchequer George Yates [Washington (DC) Alumni: 1974] ♦ Strategus Tyrone V. Medley [Epsilon Delta: 1974] ♦ Lieutenant Strategus Delray Gooch [Beta Epsilon: 1970], Historian ♦ Roland D. Dotson [Epsilon Delta], Director ♦ Larry Jenkins [Beta Epsilon: 1970], Director ♦ Lionel A. Acosta [Alpha Xi: 1976] ♦ K. Bernard Chase [Theta Tau: 1976] ♦ James Childs [Zeta Gamma: 1970] ♦ Lynn M. Edwards [Washington Alumni: 1974) ♦ Leon Johnson [Xi: 1967] ♦ Thomas Johnson ♦ Roland Moore [Delta Lambda: 1970] ♦ Joseph Pasteur [Alpha Nu: 1960] ♦ Andre Robinson [Tau: 1969] ♦ Herman Roebuck [Beta Kappa: 1962] ♦ Elmore T. Wright [Beta Kappa: 1972] ♦ David C. Winfield [Alpha Iota: 1975] ♦ Marty Miller
  • Region2