​Earl Robbins, initiated at the Hampton Institute Chapter the Beta Chi (E) of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., and charter member of Ft. Lee (VA) Alumni Chapter, spearheaded the movement to bring Kappa to Western Maryland. He assembled a group of Kappa men and they petitioned the Fraternity for a chapter.

On March 27, 1982, the Frederick (MD) Alumni Chapter was established. The chartering ceremony was held at Ft. Detrick Officers’ Club and was attended by 250 guest to include the Mayor of Frederick, President of the City Council. Past Province Polemarch Clarence Nelson presided over the ceremony.

  • Chapter The Frederick (MD) Alumni Chapter (E) of Kappa Alpha Psi
  • Year March 27, 1982
  • Location Frederick, Maryland
  • President 1
  • Charter Members♦ Earl H. Robbins Jr (Beta Chi: 1967], Polemarch ♦ Frederick L. Greene (San Antonio (TX) Alumni: 1973], Vice Polemarch ♦ Elliott Deloch [Monterey (CA) Alumni: 1980], Keeper of Records and Exchequer ♦ Henry D. Lewis [Alpha Iota: 1974], Assistant Keeper of Records and Exchequer ♦ Ulysses G. Bourne Jr, [Epsilon: 1926] ♦ Fred D. Hutchinson [Alpha Tau: 1953] ♦ Arthur E. Lancaster [Beta Chi: 1947] ♦ LeCoast Mack [Alpha Phi: 1954] ♦ Walter H. Sanders [San Antonio (TX) Alumni: 1975] ♦ Theodore W. Stephens [Lambda: 1947]