Fort Lee

The Fort Lee (VA) Alumni Chapter (EP) (FLAC),  received its charter even though there was a chapter already in the Tri-City area of Virginia. It was determined that the Military and civilian personnel in the area definitely needed an Alumni Chapter they could identify with during their tours of duty while at Fort Lee. The written justification stated, that membership in the Petersburg Alumni Chapter would not suffer because of the additional chapter and on November 22, 1980, the Fort Lee (VA) Alumni Chapter (EP), or was acknowledged as a chartered chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated with 13 Charter Members; Frederick Atkins, Ollie Brown, Herbert G. Coleman, William B. Croom, Nathaniel Fleming II,  Alan Johnson, Richard F. Oliver, Gene Page, Earl Robbins Jr., Turhan Robinson, George Snoddy, Charlie F. Thompson, and Andrew White

  • Chapter The Fort Lee (VA) Alumni Chapter (E) of Kappa Alpha Psi
  • Year November 22, 1980
  • Location Fort Lee, Virginia
  • President 3
  • Charter Members:♦ Herbert Coleman [Petersburg (VA) Alumni: 1970], Polemarch ♦ Frederick C. Atkins [Gamma Chi: 1972] ♦ Ollie Brown [Alpha Phi: 1950] ♦ William B. Croom [Beta Chi: 1967] ♦ Nathaniel Fleming II, [Alpha Phi: 1956] ♦ AlanJohnson ♦ Richard F. Oliver [Beta Mu: 1972] ♦ Gene Page [Petersburg (VA) Alumni: 1979] ♦ Earl Robbins Jr [Beta Chi: 1967] ♦ Turham Robinson [Alpha Iota: 1966] ♦ George Snoddy (Petersburg (VA) Alumni: 1973] ♦ Charlie E. Thompson [Alpha Iota: 1964] ♦ Andrew J. White [Alpha Gamma: 1951]