Eta Xi

Eta Xi was founded October 19, 1974 by Nine distinguished men know as the “Nine Midnight Wanderers,” on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, as the first Kappa chapter at a predominately white university in Virginia

  • Chapter The Virginia Commonwealth University Chapter, the Eta Xi of Kappa Alpha Psi
  • Year October 19, 1974
  • Location Richmond, Virginia
  • Region3
  • Alumni organizerDr. Timothy L. Langston [Alpha Xi 1955]
  • Charter members♦ Polemarch Robert L. Harrell [Alpha Gamma 1974]
    ♦ Vice Polemarch John T. Lanier [Alpha Gamma 1974]
    ♦ Keeper of Records Marvin L. Robinson [Alpha Gamma 1974]
    ♦ Keeper of Exchequer Adrian P. Anderson [Alpha Gamma 1974]
    ♦ Asst. Keeper of Records Willie A. Mumford, III [Alpha Gamma 1974]
    ♦ Strategus Robert Gillyard [Alpha Gamma 1974]
    ♦ Lt. Strategus Heywood M. Johnson [Alpha Gamma 1974]
    ♦ Reporter Lawrence P. Dillard [Alpha Gamma 1974]
    ♦ Historian Wayne D. Claxton [Alpha Gamma 1974]