As pertained in the archives of the Grand Chapter, The Danville (VA) Alumni Chapter was approved for a charter on the 16th day of May 1998 by the Grand Board of Directors of Kappa Alpha Psi. The charter was presented to the chapter on the 13h day of June 1998. The Chapter is located in region four, the western region of the Eastern Province. The Danville, Virginia Alumni Chapter was a result of a split of the Martinsville (VA) Alumni Chapter. 18 men were presented a chartered for the chapter by Eastern Province Polemarch Anthony B. Hill, Those 18 men were Brother Cephus Archie, Brother Malvin Carr (Polemarch), Brother David Coleman(deceased), Brother Harold Bruce Craft, Brother Bennie Dix (deceased), Brother William Flippen, Brother Frederick Fowler, Brother Rodrick Galloway, Brother Howard Graves Brother Zachary Hairston, Brother Sylvesta Jennings, Brother C. Keshon Kelly (Shon), Brother Lewis Marshall, Brother Anthony Pass, Brother James Pickens, Brother P. Edward Thomas, Brother Elisha Arnold Woody, and Brother Kirby Wright.

  • Chapter The Danville (VA) Alumni Chapter (E) of Kappa Alpha Psi
  • Year June 13, 1998
  • Location Danville, Virginia
  • President 4
  • Charter Members:♦ Cephus N. Archie [Martinsville (VA) Alumni: 1991] ♦ Malvin Carr [Martinsville (VA) Alumni: 1991] ♦ David Coleman (Martinsville (VA) Alumni: 1997] ♦ Harold Craft [Martinsville (VA) Alumni: 1993] ♦ Bennie Dix [Martinsville (VA) Alumni: 1985] ♦ William Flippin [Alpha Phi: 1967] ♦ Frederick Fowler (Martinsville (VA) Alumni: 1985] ♦ Rodrick Galloway [Martinsville (VA) Alumni: 1993] ♦ Howard Graves [Martinsville (VA) Alumni: 1985] ♦ Conrad Keshon Kelly [Martinsville (VA) Alumni: 1997] ♦ Sylvester Jennings [Martinsville (VA) Alumni: 1991] ♦ Lewis Marshall [Alpha Tau: 1946] ♦ Anthony Pass [Martinsville (VA) Alumni: 1991] ♦ James Pickens [Martinsville (VA) Alumni: 1993] ♦ Elisha Woody [Martinsville (VA) Alumni: 1985] ♦ Kirby Wright (Cape Charles .. Accomac (VA) Alumni: 1960]