A group of men, interested in continuing the Kappa traditions, gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia with the purpose of organizing an Alumni Chapter.   The group met from time to time and eventually grew to nine members but were unable to attain a charter until the prerequisite number of ten was met.  George Warren, a Brother from Lexington, Virginia, heard the plight of the Brothers and traveled to Charlottesville to be the tenth member of the group.

A charter was issued on April 5, 1975 by the Province Polemarch, the Honorable James Overton.  The chartering ceremonies and reception were held at Richard’s Hide-Away on Route 29 South. 

  • Chapter The Charlottesville (VA) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi
  • Year April 5, 1975
  • Location Charlottesville, Virginia
  • President 4
  • Charter Members:♦ William Robinson [Gamma Sigma: 1973): Polemarch ♦ Larry K. Wilson [Alpha Phi: 1975): Vice Polemarch ♦ Michael Terry [Gamma Sigma: 1968): Keeper of Records ♦ Bruce W. Ransom [Beta Chi: 1969]: Keeper of Exchequer ♦ Bruce A. Atkins [Beta Chi: 1967]: Strategus, Historian, and Reporter ♦ Darrell Pickett [Delta Chi: 1971] ♦ Harvey Tunstall [Alpha Epsilon: 1962] ♦ George Warren [Beta Lambda: 1949] ♦ Steve Wright [Gamma Sigma 1966]