Benchmark Kappa

Benchmark Kappa “Walk of Achievement” Centennial Fundraiser

In a little, more than six months, the Benchmark of Kappa Alpha Psi, will celebrate its 100th year. The “Walk of Achievement” will generate more than $50,000 to celebrate our centennial through the sale of 4”x8” laser inscribed bricks. Each brick has a cost of $500 of which $435 is tax-deductible. You can inscribe your name, your lines’ name, or a special message. This fundraiser isn’t limited to brothers, your friends and family can support this important project. Also, this campaign will extend beyond September 9, 2021, as we can lay new bricks on OUR “Walk of Achievement”.

Want to support us through advertising? The 100th year celebration souvenir book committee is accepting ads until July 23, 2021. Click here for pricing details

Eastern Province

The Eastern Province, as a defined region of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., traces its origin to 1925. Earl B. Dickerson, the fifth Grand Polemarch of Kappa Alpha Psi, appointed John Miller Marquess the first Eastern Province Polemarch following the adjournment of the 15th Grand Chapter Meeting in December 1925.

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