Preparing for the 2022-23 Eastern Province Chapter Certification

Certification Committee

Ernie Anderson


Will Allen

Co- Chairperson

Got Questions? Contact the committee at

Technical questions. Contact the province webmaster at

Undergraduate chapter leaders do not have access to the chapter leadership portal until the chapter submits its 2022-2023 Officer Report. At this time, only the undergraduate advisors have access and therefore are the only ones able to complete a certification application for an undergrad chapter.
  • Chapter Mailing Address: IHQ requires that each chapter have a physical address or post office box to receive correspondence. Home addresses are not acceptable for undergraduate chapters. Provide the chapter’s mailing address. (Required Field)
  • Chapter EIN or Tax ID Number: Please provide your chapters EIN or Tax ID Number that you use for IRS or other Tax or Financial Purposes. (Required Field)
  • Polemarch’s Contact Information: Provide your Polemarch’s name, email, and phone (Required Field)
  • Guide Right Chairman’s Contact Information: Provide your Guide Right Chairman’s name, phone, and email. (Required Field)
  • 50 Year/ Sr. Kappa Committee: Provide your 50 Year/Sr. Kappa Committee Chairman’s name, phone, and email (Alumni Only) (Required Field)
  • Achievement Academy Representative: Provide your Achievement Academy Representative’s name, phone, and email (Required Field)
  • Reclamation Chairman’s Contact Information: Provide your Reclamation Chairman’s name, phone, and email. (Required Field)
  • Fees & Assessments: The fees and assessments listed below are required to be paid before chapter certification can be completed. If your chapter has paid these fees, proof of payment will be required and must be uploaded to the form. Please have these documents available as your chapter certifies online. (Required Field)
  • Annual Insurance Premium (2022-2023 Fee due)
      • Alumni = $2,950.00 Undergraduate = $2,400.00 ($1200/Chapter, $1200/Province)
  • Late Assessment for Officers Report (2022-2023)
      • Alumni/Undergraduate = $25
  • Contribution to the Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation (2022-2023)
      • Alumni = $100 Undergraduate = $50
  • Officers Workshop (2021)
  • C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference (2021)
  • Proof of Attendance at the Eastern Province Council (2022)
  • St. Jude’s Sunday of Hope Donation
  • Proof of Donation to St. Jude’s at least once during the Fraternal Year of 2021-2022
  • Chapter Website Information: (Required Field)
    • Chapter website address
      • Primary Webmaster’s
      • Name
      • Email
      • Phone

If there is a third-party vendor responsible for the website and its content, the same contact information for the vendor should be submitted as well. If the chapter has a Kappa League with its own website, the same contact information must be submitted for the person and/or company responsible for its contents. Documentation from Alumni Chapter must be included, signed by the Polemarch, Vice Polemarch, KOR, KOE of the Chapter, all Webmasters and where applicable, the Advisor, this document also verifies the Chapter understands that: The “bunny rabbit” is not to be used on any web site, flyer, or correspondence that is related to Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. The intellectual property and logos of others should not be used without express written consent. The Chapter must acknowledge that the website also does not contain any sexually explicit songs or images i.e. “Kappa Diamonds”, “Girls of the Month Club” or any resemblance to such. There are to be NO alcoholic imagery or drug paraphernalia. If the website is later found exhibiting any suspect content, the website must be immediately shut down, within 48 hours of notification, until the issue has been corrected. If these guidelines are not followed, that chapter will face disciplinary action at the discretion of the Province Polemarch.

  • Chapter Officer’s Report: (Undergraduate Chapters Only) Must be completed in for the current year. (Required Field)
  • Chapter Program Documentation: Attach proof that program documentation has been turned in
    for the current year. (Please do not attach the actual program documentation for 2022-23. Email
    proof from the Province Sr. Vice Polemarch or Province Keeper of Records is expected) (Required Field)
  • Personal Liability, Responsibility and Compliance Form: Each member of the Undergraduate
    Chapter, the Officers of the Alumni Chapters and the Undergraduate Advisor are required to complete this form. Personal Liability Responsibility & Compliance Form (on Province website) the completed form needs to be attached. (Required Field)
  • Tax Report for Fiscal Year 2021 (Form 990EZ or 990-postcard): Go to IRS Website,, download and complete the form, the 990EZ or 990-postcard, whichever applies, then email it to the IRS. The IRS will provide an acceptance email. Also Form 990EZ or 990-postcard must be completed and sent to IHQ (Director of Finance at:  Attach a copy of your chapter’s Form 990EZ or 990-postcard (Required Field)
  • Archives: Verify that the following items are contained in the chapter archives as specified by the
    Constitution & Statutes of the Fraternity. Songs & Literary Works Book II (Required Field)

    • A Constitution & Statutes of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. (2019 Edition)
    • At least 5 Rituals (You will also be required to list the serial number of the rituals in your archives.)
    • A Songbook of Kappa Alpha Psi - Songs & Literary Works (Book Two)
    • Protocol & Etiquette Manual (2018 Edition)
    • Encyclopedia of Guide Right (Second Edition)
    • Membership Training Academy (MTA) Manual –(1st Edition)
    • A Story of Kappa Alpha Psi (5th Edition)
    • One copy of the Eastern Province Bylaws (2021)
    • One copy of the Eastern Province Risk Management Manual (2013 3rd Edition)
    • One copy of the Eastern Province Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) (2009)
    • Officers Insignias
    • Roberts Rules of Order (12th Edition)
    • A Bible
    • Chapter Charter

Please note regional board members & Province Officials can audit archives at any time upon request.

  • Membership Training Academy: Provide your MTA (MEMBERSHIP TRAINING ACADEMY)
    Chairman’s name, phone, and email. (Required Field)
  • MTA (MEMBERSHIP TRAINING ACADEMY) Program Training: Provide evidence of members who has passed the MTA Training in your Chapter. (MTA Training) (Required Field)
  • Chapter Advisor’s Contact Information: (Undergraduate Chapters Only) (Required Field)
    Phone number
    Email address
    IHQ Membership # (The membership number you received when you were initiated into the Fraternity. This is not your life membership number)
    Chapter Advisor’s alumni chapter
  • Statement of Collaboration (Required Field) (Undergraduate Chapters Only): If your Chapter has members on more than one campus please provide a statement of collaboration for each school at which your chapter has members: The "Statement of Collaboration" or other documentation signed by an institutional officer (e.g., Dean of Students, Greek Affairs Advisor) endorsing the presence of the chapter. The Statement of Collaboration has been developed to recognize that Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity's existence on the campus is at the decree of the host institution, and that the chapter must abide by the institution's rules and regulations. Additionally, the document attempts to set forth: How the local chapter can further the stated educational objectives of the institution and Ways to help enhance the partnership among the Grand Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, the local collegiate chapter, and the host institution by articulating reasonable expectations for each
    constituent group.
  • Attach a signed copy of the Statement of Collaboration.
  • Greek Life Advisor (Undergraduate Chapters Only): (Required Field) Provide proof of the presence of a campus Greek Life Advisor or other institutional staff person (e.g., Director of Student Activities, National Pan-Hellenic Council Advisor) responsible for advising the chapter. Include the name, phone, and email address of the staff member. Enter the Greek Life Advisor’s name, official title, physical address, email address, and phone Number.
  • Chapter Grade Point Average (Undergraduate Chapters Only): Proof the Chapter has a cumulative
    grade point average of its members that is 2.5 or better, and all Chapter Officers have a GPA of 2.5/4.0 or better. The Chapter must supply the GPA for individual members and cumulative GPA for the chapter. Attach listing showing the GPA of chapter members along with cumulative GPA for Spring and/or Summer 2022. This document must be signed by an institutional official, and official institutional stationery.
  • Form 40 - Schedule of Graduates (Undergraduate Chapters Only): (Required Field) Attach a
    completed copy of the Form 40 and proof of receipt from the Province Reclamation Chairman.
  • Chapter Advisors and Officers Meeting (Undergraduate Chapters Only): (Required Field) The
    chapter Advisor and Officers are required to meet with Greek Advisor to discuss School and Fraternities
    policy and procedures, Code of Conduct and Rules of Disciplinary Procedures, and Membership Intake
    schedule for the school year. Enter date, time, and location of meeting.
    Chapter Budget for the Current Fiscal Year (Undergraduate Chapters Only): (Required Field) This document will display what each perspective undergraduate chapter budgets for its operations for the current year; to chapter include a breakdown of how funds will be distributed for IHQ, Province, Local Chapter, guide right, community service and other programs. There is a standard Province template for undergraduate budgets. Please upload this document in the certification portal. (For 2022-2023)